Safe Worlds TV is Coming Soon

It's been 30 years in research, design, testing, and building, and now the end is in sight. Safe Worlds TV is coming soon. In 2008 we thought we would go to market, but then the "Global Financial Crisis" occurred and we pulled back to let the dust settle. In 2009, we decided to update our user interface in Silverlight; and in 2010 and 2011 we have been creating a vast global marketplace structure and what we believe will deliver a unique, commercially viable Internet Television experience. Soon, when we think the time is right, we will start the rollout. When we do, we think you will share our belief that it has been worth the wait.
Safe Worlds TV will be rolled out through communities worldwide. At present we are finalizing development of the community model on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.
If you would like more information please email us at the links below:
Investment Information
Community Channel Information
Business Channel Information

Keep the faith. It's happening.
Alan Metcalfe